The Wisdom of G'kar

Published on Jul 25, 2012 G'Kar is sharing his wisdom to a group of followers. He tells them that in the past they had little to do with other races. Evolution taught them that they must fight that which is different so they could secure food, land and mates. But now they must reach a point where the nobility of intellect asserts itself and says no. They need not be afraid of those who are different. They should embrace that difference and learn from if. One of his followers interrupts, referring to G'Kar as "most holy". G'Kar makes it clear that there is no "most holy", only G'Kar. The student understands what G'Kar is telling them, but in the Book of G'Kar it states that the Centauri are not to be trusted. G'Kar: When was that written in the book? Narn: In the beginning. G'Kar: Exactly. Over time, I learned, as you will learn. Narn: The Book of G'Kar is holy. If it was written under the direct inspiration of the universe itself as everyone believes it to be, then the whole of it must be true. How then can you go against it? G'Kar is becoming exasperated. They just don't get it. He asks the Narn to show him the passage in the book, then tells him to put his face in the book. The Narn is hesitant. G'Kar: Well, if the book is holy and I am holy, then I must help you become closer to the thoughts of the universe. Put your face in the book. The Narn still hesitates. G'Kar: The first thing we are taught is that while outsiders cannot be trusted, we can always trust a fellow Narn, yes? This is your point, is it not? (the Narn nods) Good. Then put your face in the book. With confidence, the Narn leans over and puts his face in the book....which G'Kar slams shut. The Narn whimpers in pain. Ta'Lon: There's lesson number one.

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