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  • Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Couples
    by Living Empowered® on January 28, 2015 at 2:32 PM
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    Published on Nov 15, 2012 MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! http://www.kenlauher.com People often ask me about the best colors for a Feng Shui bedroom. While soft, soothing colors like light greens, baby blues and flesh tones of beige are good for nearly any bedroom, couples may want to follow additional guidelines to use color in their bedroom for a stronger, more intimate relationship. Any Feng Shui changes a couple makes to their bedroom are about the "two S's": sleep and sex. So not only is the bedroom one of three most important areas of anyone's home, it's also the most intimate place a couple goes to re-connect with each other. These Feng Shui bedroom color tips for couples will help you sleep well while supporting good communication with you and your partner for a strong and intimate relationship. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and sign up for your free weekly tips and life advice at http://www.kenlauher.com. Thanks for watching! And if you're interested in more videos on Feng Shui to help you live your best life like this one, check out our YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/kenlauher Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License

  • Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Tips That Anyon...
    by Living Empowered® on January 28, 2015 at 2:28 PM
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    Published on Oct 6, 2012 MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! http://www.kenlauher.com Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Tips Anyone Can Do In this video, you'll get a look at some of the key components of a bedroom and see where they fit in a Feng Shui bedroom layout. Your bed The bed should go in one of the command positions in your bedroom, illustrated in the diagram to the right. The command position in Feng Shui means that you can see your door from your bed, but it is not directly in line with the door. I talk more about the importance of a Feng Shui bed position in this post. [link back to previous post]. Nightstands Identical nightstands should be placed on either side of the bed. If you're single, this creates balance in your space and in your life. If you're in a relationship, this helps promote equity and balance in the relationship. Decorate the nightstands with similar items, too, including matching table lamps and maybe one or two other items that bring you enjoyment when you see them. (For instance, a live plant or small vase of a few fresh cut flowers.) If you must have a digital alarm clock in your bedroom, face it toward the wall when you sleep. Dresser The dresser or dressers should be placed in a spot where it doesn't disrupt the flow of energy through the space. You should be able to open dresser drawers or doors easily when you are standing in front of them. Some apartment bedrooms are small; consider other storage solutions if a large dresser won't fit comfortably in the bedroom or makes it awkward to walk through the space. When you're designing a Feng Shui bedroom, first think about the experience you'd like to have when you enter the room. Ideally, a bedroom will be a relaxing, peaceful and private sanctuary where you can escape from the world, with just enough lively energy to encourage active romance and help you awake easily in the morning. For instance, a light blue or light green bedroom with accents of pink or red creates a good balance of yin and yang energy. Everything in a Feng Shui bedroom layout contributes to the energy in the room. Everything in the room should give you joy and be in alignment with your life's goals. Don't make a bedroom too "busy" with knick-knacks in every corner. Instead, carefully select items you truly love and use these to create your perfect space. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our channel and sign up for your free weekly Feng Shui life advice at http://www.kenlauher.com. Category Howto & Style License Standard YouTube License

  • Feng Shui: Living In Harmony
    by Living Empowered® on August 6, 2011 at 2:50 PM
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    Feng Shui: Living In Harmony (Full Program) Feng shui, literally translated from the Chinese, means "wind, water" and traditionally symbolizes the space between heaven and earth the environment where we live. The philosophy recognizes that house and garden should work together relative to life, health, wealth and happiness. In Hong Kong, the capital of feng shui, the ancient knowledge survived the Cultural Revolution that swept over Mainland China during the 60s and 70s. This film looks at the roots of feng shui with masters demonstrating how the ancient Chinese science is still deeply rooted in the everyday lives of people living here. To them feng shui is much more than simply a new trend in interior design. The influence feng shui has on their lifestyle and the mentality of Hong Kong people is told through comical, unusual and everyday stories. For example, you will see an apartment building, in the Aberdeen quarter, that has 400 square meter hole in the front, so that the "mountain dragon" still has a view of the ocean. We will observe well-known feng shui at work. This spans from the lot selection, the positioning and the conception of the house, straight down to details about the interior design. They offer their expertise on the best positioning for the front door, the suitable color of the walls and floors, right up to the positioning of a desk. We are introduced, step-by-step, to the terms and categories of feng shui. On our excursion through Hong Kong, we visit the Wong Tai Sin monastery, which holds some of the most beautiful and oldest temples left untouched by the communistic cultural revolution. Priests and monks talk about the spiritual and scientific elements of feng shui. Their conversations will not only provide a closer look into the philosophical structure, but also the history, right down to the roots of feng shui.

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